LUX Handyman Services

Our Fleet is comprised of individuals with various maintenance skill sets. As such, we assign your task to the perfect Lux HandyMan, whose range of abilities is best for your specific needs. We accomplish tasks either by the hour or by the day, depending on the scope of the project. In living up to our name, we guarantee an excellent level of service and professionalism.


Too hot to work outside? Yard work becoming out of control? Allow us to do the job for you.

Furniture Assembly

Have a new table or outdoor furniture to put together? Let us assemble it for you.

Furniture Deliver & Removal

We can pick up and deliver new furniture or remove the old.

Heating & Cooling

We can change those hard to reach filters in addition to basic cleaning of the coils and cables.


From TVs to shelves to artwork to lights, A HandyMan will make sure it's properly mounted and hung.

Hanging decorations

Having issues hanging your wall décor? A HandyMan can assist quickly and professionally, ensuring they are securely mounted.


Having issues with the DIY? Running out of time? Allow us to save the day and complete the project for you.

Sand & Stain

Table have too many scratches? Outdoor elements making your furniture look warn out? Allow us to restore it and make it beautiful again.

Garage Door Opener

Having issues with the garage door? Allow us to fix it for you


Relocating is such a hassle. Allow us to pack and unpack for you.

Patch Work

Seems like a simple task but it’s not. Patching holes requires a lot of time and skill. Allow the professionals to handle the job.

Wood Work

Need something built? From building a new room in your home to something as small as fixing a cabinet door, we can handle the project.

Decks & Porches

Loose or broken board? Deck need to be sealed or stained? We can take care of that for you.

Rain Gutters

Water not draining as it should? We can clean your gutters and repair any damage.

Heavy Lifting

Something too heavy to lift or move? Our HandyMan are up for the challenge.

Debris Removal

No need to get your hands dirty. We can remove all that debris for you.

Drop-off Donations

Have items to donate but to busy to drop them off, we can pick the items up and deliver them for you.

Parties & Events

Need assistance setting up for an event or breaking everything down after? We can help.

Pick-up & Delivery

We can pick up just about anything and deliver it to you. We can install it as well.

Punch List

Sell or rent a property and have a punch list you need to accomplish quick? We can help!

We're here for you. Call us at 786-843-8943 or submit a service request.